eWebinar - Know the secrets of Vedic Mathematics

About this webinar

[>>This is the webinar about Vedic Mathematics.
Benefits of Vedic Maths are 1. Increase speed and accuracy 2. Sharpen your mind 3. 10-15 times faster technique 4. increase creativity 5.Remove fear of Mathematics 6. Develop interest in Mathematics 7. Useful for competitive exams, school and day to day life. <<]

What you'll learn

[>> THere are three secrets of becoming master of Mathematics
Secret 1: Study Smart
Secret 2: Be Fast and Faultless
Secret 3 : Practice to be Perfect*
In short for becoming Master of Mathematics STUDY VEDIC MATHS<<]*
Your Presenter
Aarti Thakkar
Know the secrets of Vedic Maths
Happy Life
Mrs. Aarti R thakkar is B.Sc (Mathematics) and have been conducting live and online workshops of Vedic Maths since four years.
She has been conventional Mathematics Coach since 20 years.She has taught 700 students and made Mathematics Fun subject for them.Her mission is to teach Vedic Maths to more than 5000 students in next two years.
“Learn Vedic Maths and Be Master of Mathematics”